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I've joined a writing group that's affiliated with a national movement called "Shut up and Write." And it's Tuesday. So I'm writing. I'd really like to finish a second episode of "Last One Out" for Wild Hare Project this month if I can. I'm 6,000 words in. I'd also kind of like to revisit the HP Sentinel verse I started with Tony DiNozzo as Harry's Sentinel. I wrapped the initial work up in a hurry and there's a lot of room for exploration in that piece that I'd like to go through. I'd like to write the "Luna Comes Online" part of the prequel, for example, and really expand that story.

I've got competent help with the toddlers this month, so I might be able to work something out!

I'm not working on Rough Trade in July because I just don't have a concept I like well enough to commit to for the Battle of the Five Fandoms. I look forward to reading all the contributions, though!

I'm finally inches from finalizing the adoption of the babies, though. We're waiting on one piece of correspondence. When it arrives, we can put our petitions through and get a court date to finalize. Even the judge who has been following this case is looking forward to it. My girls are all blooming this summer. Eldest is managing her new baby, and she's staying sober. I'm proud of her. New baby is thriving! I love being a grandma.

My two toddlers are growing so much that we're going to have go on a clothing shopping spree again soon. They're very into the newest Disney princess, Elena of Avalor. I like her, too; she's absolutely in charge, and that's a refreshing change from the traditional Disney princess.

I've got two nonfiction papers to write in July, too, so I'm hoping to make things work in such a way that I can get a lot of writing done over the course of the month.

Have a lovely summer!

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